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Play free online puzzle tower game.

Help you hero to escape from the tower
Interesting matching game. Play online.for free.

Match 3 Magic Level? Up game Bobblin The Goblin is currently the witches apprentice. But as every aspiring magic apprentice he wants to become a wizard. Guide his way through this Match 3 Puzzle game and help Bobblin to level up, gain new magic skill and perfect them on his way to wizardomness.
This is free online adventure game. Play online.

You must reach the top of the launch silo and open the hangar door. Collect pieces of junk to build a flying apparatus while avoiding snot rockets from the common cold and his contagious contraption, the flu bug machine.
It's a shooting game, play online.

Using a limited number of cannon shots, fire into the group of balloons and pop enough.

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